Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Story of Whitney Pier

Whitney Pier is a Nice Neighborhood on the other side of the overpass from Sydney Nova Scotia and it had Gaum Clinic it is now a Pier Medical Clinic it is next door to pharmasave in whitney pier and Kenny's Pizza has opened in the early 1980s.  Old needs store is now a Fitness Centre and Baseball field is now soaked since August 2008.  There are 2 Main Streets in Whitney Pier are Victoria Road and Lingan Road and Lingan Road became a very busy street when the Sydney Port Access Road First Opened and Laundromat is the name of the store where Phillip Snow owns that store on Victoria Road.  Holy Redeemer Church was burnt down in the early 1900s and it was rebuilt in the late 1940s and Holy Redeemer hall was sold to somebody else.  There are lots of stores in Whitney Pier once upon a time it had Newmans Hardware, Seymours Hardware store and Casino Theater, Wapo's Pizza  Ebony Cafe, Metro Gas Station, Irving Gas Station it is now a canadian tire gas station.  Archie Nathanson is one of the Popular Clothing Stores in Whitney Pier before it burnt down and it is now abandoned Pier Video Review was a video store in Whitney Pier.  Borden's Barbershop where John Borden owns that barber shop Gerard is a Great Barber there and it used to be a MacIsaac's Barber shop and Ursula s is a hairdresser in Whitney Pier and Maria's is another Hair Dresser in Whitney Pier.  it has 3 pizza shops in Whitney Pier is Kenny's Pizza, Pizza Zone and Pizza Palace, and there are chip wagons such as touch of soul chip wagon where Debbie Green owns and they got other chip wagons in the Pier too and It has a Coal Pier where People tie their boats up and unload the coal from the boat to the train then to the Power Plant in Dominion Nova Scotia.  It has a 1 grocery store next door to Kenny's Pizza and a Credit Union Bank in the pier and it has a Park called Neville Park and Cape Breton Business College and it has 1 Day Care called Whitney Pier Daycare and 2 schools are Harborside Elementary School and Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High School.  Blaine Campbell is a good mechanic and he fixes all the cars and trucks and that place is called the Broadway auto and it has a gas station as well and Whitney Pier Youth Club is the only youth club in whitney pier is now Boys and Girls club of cape breton.  another Baseball Field in Whitney Pier is Tupper Street Ball Field too and 1 Hockey Rink in Whitney Pier is called Whitney Pier Community Rink.

John Borden's is a Barber Shop in Whitney Pier and it is opened for a long time now and John Kennedy's Barber shop used to be in Whitney Pier one time and it closed down in the year 2005.  Gerard is a Great Barber at the Borden's barber shop and he cuts man's hair and he is a busy man and he is a great barber and Gerard used to teach the college students and train the people to become barbers and Ursula is a Hair Dresser for a long time now and She does the Woman's hair and polish the nails as well and that place has been open for a long long time now and it got caught in the Earthquake in the year 1929.  In the Major Blizzard it even closes the barber shop and a hair dresser down at the same time.

Former Gaum Clinic Dr Abe Gaum was a Doctor in Whitney Pier one time and he had a lot of Patients and Dr. Gaum was a great doctor and he treated everyone good one time and that is called Gaum clinic  he has checked up a lot of people when they are sick and when they have something wrong with the people Dr. Gaum wrote a lot of prescriptions at the Gaum Clinic once upon a time.

Pizza Palace is a Best Pizza Shop in Whitney Pier and they Make Great Pizzas and Pasta and other italian foods and they do a great business there.  The Pizza Palace is open for Business for a long time now and they have lots of customers there all the time and this pizza shop is a vary busy place all the time people buying their supper there and late night snacks.

Whitney Pier historical Society is a Museum in the Pier and it has old pictures of Whitney Pier and the Steel Plant in Sydney Nova Scotia and it has School Year Books and old Pictures of Sydney and People Donate all the old stoves that are used in the 1950's and before that they donate the non electric washers and dryers in the old days they donate Dr. Abe Gaum's equipment from the Original Gaum Clinic.  They donate the Projector from the Old casino Theater in Whitney Pier and they donate all the old stuff there and all the old plates and frying pans and stoves there from the Family's during the 1950s and before that they even has a first electric washer and a dryer there they have old pictures of the sports and grade 6 art projects and other school art projects from the past that are donated to the museum.  They even had a old Camera donated to the Museum and old equipment from the Sydney Steel Plant as well.

Here is a Video of the Victoria Road in Whitney Pier.

This Empty Lot used to be a Metro Gas Station it has a lot of customers one time it is Across the Street from the Irving Gas Station and it has a lot of customers at the Metro Gas station then it became a Esso gas station after that the building is now torn down and behind that it used to be a Elementary School called Villa Nova Elementary School it was also torn down too along with Holy Redeemer Girls and Holy Redeemer Boys School and Don Bosco Elementary School was burnt down and torn down too and Don Bosco, Jameison Elementary School, Eastmount, Elmwood and South Park Elementary School where Connor Pace went to for elementary School these schools have merged in the one big school called Harbourside Elementary School.

Ladies Gym and Fitness Centre and Health Centre as well and It used to be a Needs Store there a long time ago and This Gym for the ladies and they have to pay for a membership for a 1 month or one year member as well and they do weightlifting and running and exercise too before that it used to be a needs store where kids used to buy chips and other candy too.  This gym just opened last year and they do a lot of programs there.

Pier Deli is a Restaurant and they sell Sliced meat and pork and beef too.  they sell other foods as well and it is a Great Restaurant in the Whitney Pier and it is across the street from the Neville park and close to the Polish Village and Pier Deli they have a lot of customers and Employees are Well Trained and they serve great food there.  These Employees are very nice to people and they make great meals.


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